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Videography Academy

Apr 13, 2018

Our guest today is Scott McKenna who is an entrepreneur, musician, husband, and father.

Scott is the owner of 4LC studios at Scott’s YouTube channel has over 1.1 Million views and he uploads  Vlogs, Tech Videos, Gear Reviews, Business Tips and Advice, and just about everything else. If he does it he films it and uploads it. 

Scott is also the host of The Scott McKenna Podcast available on Apple Podcasts, Google play Music and Spotify.


Topics we cover in today’s episode:

  • How to balance life with video production
  • How to start a YouTube vlog documenting your journey
  • How to go from part time to full time in your video production business
  • How to “just do it” and learn by taking action
  • Tips for networking and starting relationships before asking for any business
  • Differences between planning and shooting a wedding vs. planning and shooting a commercial
  • Time management tips
  • Equipment tips to start a YouTube vlog
  • How to put client’s goals first and solve their problems with video
  • How to build referrals with your current client base by giving them a great customer experience



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