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Videography Academy

Dec 15, 2017

In this episode, Henry Finn, will be going through the 3 steps to choosing and dominating your videography niche.


Step 1 Picking a Niche:

  • Make list of all your interests
  • Narrow down if the niche can pay for services for video. Does niche have money
  • Gauge skill level in the niche/industry you choose and write down
  • What are equipment and investments for niche/industry you choose
  • Stress Test your Niche. Send questionnaire or phone call with friends in the industry


Step 2 How to get your first niche client:

  • Work for free at first to build portfolio
  • Learn from mistakes
  • Have a strong presentation
  • Send presentation for feedback with friends
  • Go through own personal network


Step 3 How to set up a referral network for your Niche videography company:

  • How to build a referral network within your niche
  • Find people that have complimentary services to your niche



Will it Fly by Pat Flynn

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