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Videography Academy

Jul 20, 2020

The new reality of COVID and the ONLY solution to the madness!


 PROBLEM: Reality is coming undone and reshaping before our eyes

  • Entire industries are dying
  • New Industries are rising
  • Truly moving to digital era
  • Human behavior is changing
  • Human values are evolving
  • Secondary industries and behaviors will rise
  • More people suffering = strain on system
  • Marketing spending is tough
  • More competition for same customers
  • Work life balance is hard
  • Safety is a concern
  • Logistics are hard
  • Videographers are now frontline
  • Networking is online


 SOLUTION: Must evolve with times

  • Expand skillset
  • Focus on niche(s)
  • Build strong business model
  • Become Agile
  • Network efficiently
  • Build better relationships
  • Engage in community
  • Develop new personal skills
  • Change priorities